MAPEI Mapelastic Smart Kit | WPD Group

Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar (with crack-bridging> 2 mm), applied by trowel or with a roller, for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.


  • Do not apply Mapelastic Smart at temperatures lower than +8°C.
  • Do not add cement, aggregates or water to Mapelastic Smart.
  • Protect from rain and water spillages for the first 24 hours after application.
  • Do not leave Mapelastic Smart exposed in swimming pools.
  • Do not apply on cementitious substrates not sufficiently cured.
  • During hot weather, it is advisable to keep the product out of direct sunlight before use (power and liquid).


Application by trowel or roller:
Approx. 1.6 kg/m² per mm of thickness.

Spray gun application:
Approx. 2.2 kg/m² per mm of thickness.

N.B.: the consumption figures indicated are for a seamless film on a flat surface and are higher if applied on uneven substrates


Units of 30 kg:
component A: 20 kg bags;
component B: 10 kg drums. (Yield 18.75 Litres / 30 kg kit)


Mapelastic Smart component A may be stored for up to 12 months when contained in its original sealed packaging in a dry place.
Mapelastic Smart component B may be stored for up to 24 months.
Store Mapelastic Smart in a dry place and at a temperature of at least +5°C.


Mapelastic Smart PDS

Mapelastic Smart SDS