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*Must be installed by a certified installer*

ARDEX WPM 444 (Shelterbit Phoenix Star) is an APP (Atactic Polypropylene) plastomeric type modified bitumen membrane, consisting of a specially formulated bituminous compound of distilled asphalt modified with selected high grade visco-elastic polymers and reinforced with a combined reinforcement (polyester and fibreglass).

  • Excellent cold flexibility to -15°C
  • Excellent elongation
  • Heat welded laps provides homogenous joint
  • Prefabricated membrane
  • Good elastic memory

Typical Uses:
ARDEX WPM 444 (Shelterbit Phoenix Star) is designed for use as a multi-layer system on concrete or plywood substrates, or as a single layer system on concrete substrates with a protective topping such as paving slabs or concrete.

  • Non-accessible flat roofing
  • Accessible flat roofing
  • Foundations and underground premises
  • Vault covering
  • Shed covering
  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Inverted roof systems
  • Bridges, viaducts and road structures
  • Car parks
  • Tunnels


  • APP


  • Fibreglass and polyester


  • 4mm

Top Surface:

  • Sanded or Talc

Bottom Surface:

  • Polythene Film

Heat stability:

  • 130°C

Cold flexibility:

  • -15°C

Roll size:

  • 1 x 10m

Roll weight:

  • 40kg

Rolls per pallet:

  • 23

Primer Options:


Ardex WPM 444 PDS

Ardex WPM 444 SDS

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