About Us

WPD Group (previously Waterproofing Direct) is an Australian owned and family run business.

We are based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, distributing our products all over Australia. WPD Group was founded after deciding there was a need for a specialist waterproofing supplier and distributors of residential and commercial building products in our region.

With the constant expansion of our range of products, in December 2020 Waterproofing Direct transitioned to WPD Group. The new name better represents our foray into insulation, flooring products, Husqvarna equipment and repairs and more.

Our Team

With over 20 years’ experience in the residential and commercial building industry we are able to offer project specific advice. WPD Group maintains a high level of in-depth technical knowledge in applying waterproofing applications and all facets of residential and commercial building.

WPD Group lends its success to the direct relationship we share with our suppliers across Australia which allows us to provide exceptional products at competitive price. We are committed to advancing the waterproofing industry by working closely with our suppliers to train and grow new personnel to a very high level.


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