ARDEX WPM 717 | WPD Group

ARDEX WPM 717 is a weldable, fleece-backed waterproofing membrane with properties that resist ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. It has excellent gas impermeability, toughness and remains flexible at low temperatures and is suitable in all climatic zones.

ARDEX WPM 717 is part of the ARDEX WeldTec range of products that is installed with heat welded laps and seams. The welding process ensures a fast installation and added security. ARDEX WPM 717 is fleece-backed to provide excellent means of ventilation and bonding to various substrates.


  • Dove Grey


  • 1.4mm


  • 1.4m x 20m (W x L)

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Ardex WPM 717 PDS