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Azcoseal is a premium clear acrylic in a solvent solution. Azcoseal is formulated to provide a versatile sealer capable of deep penetration into a wide range of substrate and cures to form a clean, tough (hard) and resilient coating in a satin (semi- gloss) finish. Azcoseal is an effective and long lasting sealer against water penetration, wind driven rain and salt spray. Azcoseal is also designed as a penetrative primer for subsequent water based and polyurethane waterproofing membranes and high build paints and coatings and is particularly useful in high density and low-porosity surfaces such as tilt-up slabs. Applied to pavers, brick,sandstone and masonry surfaces, Azcoseal gives an appealing ‘wet-look’ finish. CAUTION: Sealed surfaces may be slippery when wet.


The properties of AZCOSEAL make it ideal for:

  • Sealing and weatherproofing porous substrates such as face brick against rain and salt spray.
  • Providing a penetrative primer for water based and polyurethane waterproofing membranes, high build paint and architectural finishes on to porous substrates or over existing painted surfaces.
  • Encapsulating and sealing friable substrates such as asbestos sheeting.
  • Providing an attractive ‘wet-look’ sealer over pavers, brick, sandstone and masonry surfaces.
  • Reactivating existing acrylic coatings prior to recoating

Suitable Surfaces

Azcoseal is suitable for use on:
Concrete, cement, cement render, acrylic coatings and membranes, FC and CFC sheeting, blue board, block work, bricks, cement pavers, sandstone, concrete stencil and masonry surfaces.


Duram Azcoseal PDS

Duram Azcoseal SDS