Drizoro Efflorescence Rid | WPD Group

EFFLORESCENCE RID is a unique scientific developed industrial strength salt (efflorescence) remover specially designed to effectively remove efflorescence in industrial, commercial and residential situations. The formulation contains no solvents, but is corrosive. Is non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, is biodegradable. Observe Safety & Health Precautions – Product is Corrosive (Class 8).

On application to the affected areas, EFFLORESCENCE-RID penetrates the surface and liquefies the salts (efflorescence) and brings it to the surface of the substrate, where this is washed away, then after 20 minutes or longer EFFLORESCENCE-RID is re applied to the same area.


  • General removal of efflorescence.
  • Removing Salt from and new or old constructions affected by efflorescence, historical and public buildings.
  • Walls, floors suffering efflorescence Masonry, brick, block structures.


  • Dissolves efflorescence deposits, allowing removal
  • User friendly, it does not require special protection equipment. Protect surrounding areas, wet down plants and trees, cover metal and glass.
  • Environmental friendly (is considered a green product) non-flammable.