The Waterproofing Supplies You’ll Need To Waterproof Concrete Surfaces

February 18, 2022

The Waterproofing Supplies You’ll Need To Waterproof Concrete Surfaces

Once concrete has been laid, it is beneficial to waterproof the concrete surface to prevent water from seeping into this naturally porous material. While it is not disastrous if concrete gets wet, over time water can damage the strength and integrity of concrete surfaces such as concrete floors.

As providers of quality waterproofing supplies in Sydney, we are familiar with all of the tools you’ll need to waterproof a concrete surface, and we have created a list below.

Safety Equipment

To protect your most vulnerable areas, you may want to invest in safety goggles and gloves before you begin the waterproofing process. Using sealants and etchers can be hazardous if you are not wearing the proper gear.

Painter’s Tray And Paintbrush

Getting a deep painter’s tray and a quality paintbrush is really going to help you during this process when applying waterproofing sealant. Invest in sturdy trays and durable paintbrushes.


There is no better way to test how well you have waterproofed the concrete surface than by putting your work to the test with a water hose. A hose will also help you clean off the remains of the etcher once you are done applying that.

Cleaner/ Etcher For Concrete

This will be poured on once you have swept the surface multiple times. The etcher is used to remove any loose pieces of concrete and to thoroughly clean the concrete before applying the sealant.


A squeegee is great for getting any excess water off the concrete surface. A long-handled squeegee is preferable.

Scrubbing Brush

You’ll use this to scrub the cleaner/etcher into the concrete flooring.


Purchasing the right sealant is the most important step of the whole process. Ensure that you purchase enough of it and apply it thickly enough.

All of the items listed above are part of our waterproofing supplies collection in Sydney, and we deliver nationwide.

Are you looking to buy quality waterproofing supplies in Sydney? Browse our vast array of products online, or get in touch with us should you have any questions about what we offer here at Waterproofing Direct. 

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