Four Reasons Why Bituminous Waterproof Coatings Are Perfect For Your Home

January 11, 2022

Four Reasons Why Bituminous Waterproof Coatings Are Perfect For Your Home

Be honest, what do you think when you hear the term bituminous waterproof coating? It sounds like something pulled out of a science fiction novel, but in actuality, bituminous waterproof coating is the technical term for waterproofing using asphalt. 

Bitumen dominates about 60% of the flat roofing market and is used mostly as a waterproofing agent for roofs, basements and even bridges. When applied properly, a bituminous waterproof coating will protect your home from water damage.

Here are some more reasons why you should use bituminous waterproof coatings for your next job. 

  • Proven To Work

  • The earliest record of bituminous waterproofing comes from the Indus Valley Civilization, which existed over 4000 years ago! The Indus Valley people used bitumen to line the bottom of their wicker baskets to waterproof them enough to collect water from rivers and wells. The technology has advanced to the point where bitumen can come in any form you wish, from paint to pallets, and so can be customised to your specific building needs. 

  •  Versatile

  • Depending on your needs, bitumen can be used to completely waterproof a building, or it can be used to protect against damp and humidity. It’s that versatile! 

  • Variety Of Use

  • While most of the bitumen that is mined is used to waterproof roads, the rest is used to protect flat and pitched roofs from water damage. Its natural hydrophobic property makes it perfect for repelling water and keeping the inside of your home dry in even the deadliest of storms.

  • Ease Of Use

  • When not used to build roads, you will often find bitumen in paint or coating form. The bitumen is mixed with naphtha or other solvents and fortified with certain polymers to strengthen and increase its durability. These steps make it strong enough to withstand various environmental hazards, ranging from pollution to sunlight. 

    Bitumen coatings are perfect for sealing and waterproofing, both above and below ground, and all that is required is a few coats on the area you want to protect. You don’t even need any special equipment ‒ just a large enough paintbrush will do the job perfectly!

    To ensure the best performance from your bituminous waterproof coating, you need to clean the area thoroughly. Make sure there is no dust, rust or other contaminants before applying the coating. The thoroughness of your preparation is directly proportionate to how well the bituminous coating works. 

    A poorly waterproofed home or office is dangerous, as it can breed dangerous mould and bacteria. Water damage can also be extremely expensive to repair, so it’s important to make an informed choice when choosing a waterproofing agent for your home or office. A bituminous waterproof coating is the best choice. 

    For more information on bituminous waterproof coatings, contact the experts at Waterproofing Direct.  

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