Utilise All-Round Protection For Your Property With A PVC Waterproofing Membrane

February 25, 2022

Utilise All-Round Protection For Your Property With A PVC Waterproofing Membrane

Applying a PVC waterproofing membrane to a roof or foundation is crucial to maintain integrity, longevity and weather resistance. Thankfully, Waterproofing Direct has everything you need from products to installation services to ensure your building has impeccable tensile strength and durability. So get in touch with us today!

Have you ever been out in the blazing sun, enjoying some recreational time with family and friends, only to later realise, when it’s far too late, that you forgot to use sun protection? Now, riddled with heat exhaustion and dehydration, your body aches from severely burned skin that is forming water-filled blisters that seem to increase in size with every passing minute. 

You feel trapped inside a body that is no longer viable for comfortable living, all because you didn’t reinforce it with protection. 

PVC waterproofing membranes are essentially the protective coating a building needs to ensure it remains untainted by the elements, just like sunscreen for your skin. 

So, if you want to protect a structure with an impenetrable weather-resistant coating, then PVC waterproofing membranes are the way to go!

Seamless Protection For Your Home

Discovering the signs of water damage in your home is never an enjoyable moment. Whether it’s a leaking roof, peeling paint or a build-up of mould and mildew, water can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your property. What’s more, it can be a considerable cost to carry to resolve. 

In the residential and commercial building marketplace, PVC waterproofing membranes are a reliable material that provides high-quality and long-lasting protection to roofing systems, most often flat roofs where water run-off capabilities are minimal. 

Key Benefits Of PVC Waterproofing.

  1. Durability - unlike other roofing systems, PVC membranes do not rely on adhesives, tapes or caulk for sealing. Instead, they have heat-welded seams that create a watertight bond, making it highly tensile and permanent. 
  2. Wind resistance - the welded seams of PVC membranes make them the ideal residential waterproofing system for areas that experience intense winds and storms. 
  3. Fire Resistance - PVC membranes are difficult to ignite and are resistant to harmful oxidation reactions.
  4. Chemical resistance - prolonged chemical exposure is nothing to be concerned about when you have PVC roofing. In fact, the system will remain just as reliable even when exposed to harsh chemical conditions. 
  5. Environmental friendliness - apart from being a largely recyclable material, PVC membranes are solar reflective, which means you can lower your energy consumption and reduce utility costs.

Give your residential or commercial roofing system efficient and sustainable protection with a PVC waterproofing membrane from Waterproofing Direct. Contact us today for a quote!

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