The Benefits of Instaling Rubber Tiles

June 23, 2022

The Benefits of Instaling Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles are a preferred flooring option for many industrial and lab settings, offering a more durable and resistant surface to work on. Whether dealing with machinery or liquids, these floors can be easily cleaned, reducing damage to the hard material beneath them. With the right options installed, you can carry on your work without worrying about stains or cracks. Instead, you can effectively and quickly clean your floors of any mess. Read on to find out the benefits of installing these material options

A Durable Material 

These floors can withstand high foot traffic without showing wear, and the surface density makes them resistant to liquids and spills. The material’s natural elasticity makes these floors far more durable and resilient than more porous or firm flooring options. They are great for absorbing impacts which is why they are popular in gyms, providing more protection to the structure and patron and equipment. The ability to absorb the effects makes this flooring an excellent option for commercial settings where foot traffic is high and machines or liquids may be in use. In addition, these floors provide more cushion than other flooring types, improving comfort and reducing injuries around the workplace.

Low Maintenance

These floors are also comparatively easy to maintain compared to the alternative floor options for these settings. This material can be easily managed with a weekly mopping mixture of water and a mild detergent. You should never use harsh chemicals for this type of floor when cleaning it, as these more powerful detergents will damage the surface integrity. Cleaning up spills is important for protecting floors, and when dealing with liquids or debris, they can be easily removed from the surface without much hassle.  

Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

Rubber is a natural raw material that comes from the sap of a tree. The sap it is made from is extracted in a way that does not harm the tree's growth, making it far less damaging to its environment. This material is also recyclable and regularly reused for various applications, from playgrounds to machine components.

Rubber tiles are an investment in your working space, giving you a more durable, more manageable material to work with. When you can ensure less damage and reduce fall risk on-site, you can carry out every task with more safety and less chance of mishap or injury. Contact us today to find out more.