Rubber Tiles


Rubber Tiles are porous so that water can drain through them and be channeled away along the studded underside. Used on roof-terraces, our tiles are also frequently used as balcony flooring.
They can be used as walkways on roofs. The walkways provide protection for the roofing and allow access to installations when repairs need to be carried out.


  • Sound absorbing.
  • Child friendly.
  • Fall protection.


  • Lightweight, 1 tile weighs approx 4.6 kg.
  • Size: 500x500mm & 3mm thick
  • Colour: Grey or Black
  • Suitable area: Outdoor areas

Application: The rubber tiles are available with dowel joints. On two edges of each tile there are four holes. Four plastic pins are inserted into these holes allowing the tiles to be joined together.

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