What To Know About Flat Insulation Board

July 25, 2022

What To Know About Flat Insulation Board

A flat insulation board gives you one of the best options to insulate your roof. These well-constructed products are easy to install and available in different sizes, making them far more versatile than most alternatives. As a result, you can quickly insulate a full range of surfaces without a lengthy or labour-intensive installation process. Read on to find out more about the needs of these products.  

Why Install These Products

These options are especially useful if insulating a large surface area like a horizontal roof. The boards do not need to be applied in a thick layer to insulate well but instead offer an effective layer to contain a space. This product range offers a space-saving element that offers superior functionality. Next to good thermal options, these boards also offer good acoustic properties that minimise noise going out or in. This is convenient, for example, if you have a flat roof that is often being walked on. Or, if you often use the attic room as a sleeping room or lounge area, perhaps, the sound-reducing properties of these installations can be very useful. Ambient noises won’t bother you much either.

Interestingly enough, the material options made of plastic also have a higher vapour density. This means that vapour won’t be able to condense in the material, causing long-term dampness or decay. There are many material options available, namely:

PUR Products

This range is made of polyurethane and can be applied on pitched and flat roofs when needed. The denser material provides a vapour barrier which removes the need to install another barrier on top of the installation. Seal seams are fitted between the sheets with specialist tape before PUR foam is applied to the sides.

PIR Products

Polyisocyanurate options have a high insulation value and apply to a range of low- or no-angle rooves. In addition, they are fireproof, making them a safer option for many spaces. However, due to their rigid structure, applying some extra foam afterwards is also advised to seal possible gaps between the fitted elements. 

Sheet Products

Roof sheets are metal panels with thermal material on the inside. This material is often synthetic rigid foam, but rock and glass wool options are also available in some cases. These panels provide excellent thermal coverage and present a lightweight, easy to install and long-lasting solution. 

When you use flat board insulation in Sydney, you can ensure you have the right products to keep your home protected and contained. Contact us todayto find out more about these products and installations. 

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