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Rubber Tile Use Is On The Rise- Here’s Why!

July 20, 2021

Rubber Tile Use Is On The Rise- Here’s Why!

This just in: rubber tiles are the next best thing! Flooring options have certainly expanded in recent years, and now with a variety of rubber tiles to choose from, the choices can only get better from here! Follow along as we reveal the positives of rubber flooring and take a look at where it’s best used! 

Pros Of Using Rubber Tiling

  • Strong and durable: These tiles can withstand anything from foot traffic to equipment and vehicles, meaning they are long-lasting and ideal for use within busy areas. 
  • Easy to install: Installation is made an absolute dream thanks to no adhesives being used during the process. Tiles fit seamlessly together and can be customised to suit the space they are intended to be used. 
  • Cost-effective: Rubber tiles are certainly an affordable flooring choice. Price is determined by the thickness of the chosen tile and the area of space needing to be covered.
  • Easy upkeep: Who doesn’t love something easy to maintain? Rubber tiles have antimicrobial properties and can be cleaned quickly and effectively by simply using warm soapy water.
  • Sound absorbent: Rubber absorbs sound quickly and helps to muffle it upon impact. Due to its sound-absorbent properties, this is an ideal flooring choice for upstairs living areas. 

Where To Use Rubber Tiles 

  • Heavy Foot Traffic Areas

  • Rubber tiles come with many options to choose from. They are no longer just the tiles seen frequently in gyms and other fitness centres. Rubber tiles are perfect for offices, industrial kitchens and schools due to the material being able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

  • The Bathroom

  • Using anti-slip waterproof rubber tiles in the bathroom can help prevent you from slipping when it gets steamy after a shower or bath. Furthermore, they’re ideal for use within a bathroom because of their anti-fungal and easy-to-clean properties. In a bedroom or living room, they’re the perfect flooring choice if you’re looking to keep the cold from seeping through underfoot whilst still enjoying comfortable footing. 

  • The Basement

  • Keep the cool within your basement away when opting for rubber flooring to help insulate the space. Consider rubber tiling an option if you’re looking to maintain a hygienic animal care facility or even a child’s playground space. Finally, we’d recommend these tiles for use within a garage if you intend to use the area as a workspace and you want to enjoy comfortable footing. 

    Be sure to check out more of our blogs if you’re interested in rubber tiling, waterproofing and more! Discover more of what the Waterproofing Direct group can do for you by visiting our website today. We deliver high-quality services and materials, and our friendly staff are ready to take care of all of your building product needs! 

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