4 Things To Consider In Waterproofing Products

June 29, 2021

spray-applied waterproofing

There are many contractors who are opting for spray-applied waterproofing from a reliable supplier in Sydney. While that is one option, newer waterproofing solution spray-ons can be applied in one coat with no reinforcements required. This works because waterproofing installers spray the waterproofing solution in a prepared and primed substrate instead of traditionally cutting and placing sheet membranes or embedding reinforced fleeces in the liquid waterproofing membrane system. What's great about different waterproofing supplies and the range provided by waterproofing suppliers in Sydney is that their products can save you time and a range of other benefits.

When choosing waterproofing solutions, here are some of the things you need to consider:


It is imperative that your waterproofing supplier in Sydney provides you with a solution that combines high tensile strength, shore A hardness as well as elongation. The distance in which the membrane stretches is crucial when applying waterproofing solutions on roofs due to the expansion and contraction of the membrane due to changing weather. The type of durability in your waterproofing solution will help avoid wear and tear.

Bonding Capabilities

Bonding to a substrate means that you will need a product that can tightly bond to different material you're waterproofing. Speak to your waterproofing supplier about fully bonded materials that help keep water from finding its way beneath the membrane.

Curing Period

Curing time is also a feature you need to look out for when getting waterproofing products from a Sydney supplier. There are varying liquid waterproofing membrane products, but you want to get one that has a quicker curing time to get the job done at a faster time. Some spray-applies have quicker curing time, curing in just a few seconds, while hand-applied waterproofing systems can take up to 48 hours. Make sure you speak to a waterproofing supplier specialising in liquid waterproofing before choosing one.

UV Stability

Different sheet-applied and liquid-applied waterproofing solutions vary in how the membrane loses its degree of physical properties, especially when exposed to the sun. This means that they are vulnerable to cracking and becoming brittle. If you're looking for systems that can withstand UV exposure, sheet-applied systems are generally the go-to. However, they are typically black in colour. This means they are more prone to absorbing heat resulting in a hotter roof. So as you can expect, this can strain the waterproofing membrane and decrease structural energy efficiency. Try to find a waterproofing membrane suppliers in Sydney that offers other solutions suitable for UV exposure. Just remember that they may lose colour much quicker, meaning paint maintenance should be something you're willing to invest in.

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