Rubber Floor Tile Trends

August 20, 2021

Rubber Floor Tile Trends

Who would’ve guessed that rubber would be the hottest material in the latest floor tile trends! Well, brace yourself because it’s here to stay! Consider how you might go about incorporating rubber floor tiles into your next build as you browse a few of the latest trends with us.

Latest Trends  

  • Rubber Tiles

  • First and foremost- rubber is a natural material. This gives it a beautiful, luxurious and timeless quality. When shaded in natural tones, rubber tiles make any room feel more spacious and updated.  

  • Industrial Design

  • If you’re longing for an industrial look and feel, then look no further. These tiles have a very industrial quality themselves and would work well in modern designs. A few such spaces could be elongated kitchens or even bathrooms. 

  • Add A Pop Of Colour

  • You could consider adding a pop of colour and spunk to your bathroom with a patterned floor tile. Not only would it look great, but rubber tiles extremely durable and mould resistant. The only potential downside to utilising rubber tiles within a bathroom is that they may become slippery when wet. There is, however, a simple fix! We’d recommend that you invest in a non-slip bath mat to be able to stand on when exiting the bath or shower. 

  • Rubber Tiles For Your Laundry Room

  • Why not tile your laundry room with rubber tiles? Not only will you want to be in the space doing the washing, but any messes can be quickly cleaned as they occur. Everything from powders to detergents can be wiped away using a warm cloth or broom. There’s no fuss about the cleaners slipping into the grooves of a wooden floor or getting stuck in between carpet fibres.  

    Why Rubber Floor Tiles Are Here To Stay 

    These tiles are certainly here to stay! Here’s why: 

    • They’re extremely durable and long-lasting.
    • Their durability makes rubber tiles a worthwhile investment.
    • The installation has never been simpler as no adhesives are required, and the tiles fit perfectly together thanks to their puzzle-like design. 
    • Enjoy low maintenance at all times by simply using warm soapy water to clean the tiles when necessary.  
    • They’re the ideal choice for a wide variety of areas. Some of which include gyms, preschools, kitchen spaces, restrooms and other heavy foot traffic areas such as hospitals and offices.   

    For more information on rubber floor tiles, be sure to check out more of our news and blogs or contact us today! The Waterproofing Direct team is dedicated to providing you with quality goods and services. Selling insulation, flooring, cement and more, we’re more than just the average waterproofing team! 

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