How To Get Your Roof Summer Rain Ready

September 27, 2019

How To Get Your Roof Summer Rain Ready

It’s not just you and your family that you have to get ready for the hot Australian summer; it’s your roof too. Even if you don’t live on Sydney’s coast, the sun can have a devastating effect on your roof’s waterproofing. To help you combat this, we have compiled a handy list of tips to help your concrete roof stay leak-free.

Give It A Good Look

You need to inspect your roof often. As it’s a place that we don’t often get to look at, taking the time to check on your roof’s status is vital in maintaining it. Get up there this weekend and look for cracks, broken tiles or other places that may leak when the rains come. Take note of all of the issues, and then prepare for the necessary repairs!

Clean Out Your Gutters

Locked gutters are the number one cause of leaky concrete and other roofs. Winter leaves and branches clog up gutters, rendering them pretty useless. Make sure that you get up there, look out for any material that may be clogging things up, clean them out and then check them for flaking paint and waterproofing. If necessary, repaint with an appropriate waterproofing product.

Look For Rust

Many metal bits on top of your roof can and will rust during the winter as they are exposed to the elements. Have a look for electrical wiring in the roof and rusted roof panels on the roof that may need replacing. If these metal parts aren’t too badly damaged, you can still coat them with an aluminium cover to extend their life.

Cut Those Trees

Trees and other foliage can cause enormous damage to roofs. They break tiles, scrape the roof as they are pushed around by the wind, and are often a big contributor to why your roof leaks. Check all surrounding trees to make sure that they are not touching your roof. Also, have a look for dead branches that may fall off during a summer storm. These can not only knock off tiles but if they are big enough can do some serious damage to the actual structure.

Call Us!

If you are looking for waterproofing concrete products Sydney, you can’t go wrong y either giving us a call or having a look at our website. Water Proofing Direct stocks all the products that you need to get your roof ready for the heat of summer. Don’t delay, fix your leaks today!

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