Home Waterproofing Projects You Can Do Yourself

January 31, 2019

Home Waterproofing Projects You Can Do Yourself

Australia sees its fair share of storms and heavy rains and a great way to protect your home from unnecessary damage is to waterproof the areas that take the most impact. This can extend the longevity of your home and furnishings and save you money in the long run. The best part about it is that you can do most of the waterproofing around your home all on your own. At Waterproofing Direct we have plenty of experience with waterproofing and waterproof products in Sydney, so we thought we’d give you five simple waterproof projects that you can execute at home.

  • Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can disintegrate if you leave it at the mercy of the elements. While plastic and synthetic furniture are usually somewhat waterproof, if you have wooden furniture on your outdoor deck or in your garden you should spend an afternoon applying a waterproof sealant to them.

  • Wooden Deck

Even if a sunroof protects your deck, rain can still be blown onto to it and cause damage. Waterproofing will also add an extra layer of protection between your wooden deck and the sun. Watch out for splinters when applying a top coat of waterproofing sealant.

  • Concrete Driveway

While concrete may appear to be impenetrable, water can take its toll and cause your driveway to crack in places. To avoid this, take the time to cure and clean the concrete and then apply the sealant. Outdoor concrete should be resealed every four or five years.

  • Shower

Your shower probably receives the most water impact out of all the areas in your home. You don’t want the floor of your shower to perish, so make sure that the cement is sealed before you tile it. This is also a job that may have to be done every five years or so, but it is worth it as there is nothing worse than a leaky shower.

Planning on doing some waterproofing D.I.Y? Waterproofing Direct is one of Australia’s leading distributors of top quality waterproofing products for both home and commercial use. Using the best waterproof products in Sydney will ensure that your DIY efforts go according to plan, so don’t leave anything to chance.

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