Fool-Proof Benefits of Waterproofing Concrete In Sydney

October 09, 2019

Fool-Proof Benefits of Waterproofing Concrete In Sydney

Sure, we all know the implications of water seeping into concrete and the negative consequences as a result. Waterproofing concrete can help avoid the impact of water spills. Let’s review the beneficial outputs of waterproofing concrete to prevent those disastrous outcomes.

Benefits For Both Property Owners And Residential Owners

Did you know that waterproofing concrete Sydney helps boost your property value? Yes, that’s right! By simply waterproofing the concrete; you immediately possess more earning potential for your property when it goes on sale. And while you’re increasing your money efforts on your property for the future, you’ll also be decreasing your financial spend on house repairs and maintenance. Waterproofing concrete helps ward off the development of mould in and around the residential structure, which means there is less chance of water infiltration, cracks and stains. By waterproofing the concrete, you’re strengthening the building materials as well, creating a safer and long-standing structure which won’t set you back with costly maintenance in the future.

Other benefits include the avoidance of musty smells in the home which occur when there is water damage. You can also enjoy your expensive floorboards for longer as waterproof concrete does not allow moisture to fill the space under the floorboards. This means that your house will be clear of mould. And we all know the harmful effects of mould in the home and how it leads to illnesses. Those newly-painted walls can remain bright and colourful with waterproof concrete fighting the war against watermarks and water damage stains.

Get The Best Results Through Proper Preparation

To get the best results and outputs through your waterproofing concrete system, you will need efficient, proper concrete preparation. It’s vital to first address all concrete surface defects before proceeding with the waterproofing application. Pay careful attention to how the concrete is prepared and be sure to remove any chemical contamination. If contaminated, the concrete will not adhere to the waterproofing applications. The concrete must be free of loose, unsound or weak materials and of course, should be dry.

With all these benefits and the summer season, and the predicted rains about to pour, it’s time to install waterproofing concrete to your Sydney property. We suggest you apply waterproofing over all below-grade concrete surfaces and we have the perfect products and advice to help you. Contact Waterproofing Direct today!

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