CASE STUDY: Working Together to Achieve Great Results

November 22, 2019

CASE STUDY: Working Together to Achieve Great Results

John Reilly from JMR WATERPROOFING recently teamed up with Waterproofing Direct to supply all materials on a job completed for Stone Will Landscaping at Potts Point, Sydney.

The scope of works included to waterproof the terrace podium slab with ARDEX WPM1000 butynol membrane and five kidney shaped planter boxes with ARDEX WPM188 torch applied garden tanking membrane. The exterior planter box walls were finished with ARDEX WPM310 liquid membrane.

Rohan and Bel from JMRWATERPROOFING applying ARDEX WPM310 to external planter box walls.

Rohan and Bel from JMR WATERPROOFING applying ARDEX WPM310 to external planter box walls.

Waterproofing Direct supplied all materials, delivering to site in a timely fashion. But their service did not stop there. Staff were professional and helpful when contacted, always happy to share their expertise in waterproofing systems.


Heading toward completion

Flood testing is a crucial part of the process to ensure any leaks, small membrane splits or faults are identified and corrected. While the planter boxes were filled with water to test, the terrace podium slab required alternative measures to test the integrity of the waterproofing.


Flood testing the planter boxes

International Leak Detection (ILD) Australia were called in to use a low voltage test method. As described by ILD Australia, their EFVM® technician reads the electrical flow travelling across the membrane mapping the breaches with pinpoint accuracy.

All membranes achieved 100% accuracy with no leaks or faults detected. Lewis from ILD Australia was thoroughly impressed and expressed how good the installation was.

3_large The team from Stone Will Landscaping happy with the watertight membrane.

JMR WATERPROOFING is a majority owned and operated Australian Indigenous Company and has built a strong reputation for achieving the best results for clients.

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