Make Walls and Roofs Protected During Rainy Months by Waterproofing Concrete Surfaces

December 18, 2019

Make Walls and Roofs Protected During Rainy Months by Waterproofing Concrete Surfaces

Whether its exposed walls or floors, it’s always beneficial to inspect the moisture content of the internal side of these concrete surfaces and check for possible waterproofing problems and to thoroughly assess current waterproofing conditions. This should be undertaken regularly to prevent further waterproofing issues in the future. Continuous waterproofing assessment and maintenance repairs with waterproofing products such as the Ardex Decorative External Waterproof Membrane WPM 310 can greatly impact your wall and roof’s durability and life and prevent disaster from striking. Benefits aside, waterproofing products are inexpensive and can prolong the existing concrete surfaces of your home. If you’re interested in this product call 1300 557 973 for Technical Support and advice.  

For Waterproofing Problems on Your Roof, Apply Acrylic Liquid Membrane to Your Exposed Concrete Surfaces 

When it rains in summer in Australia, it rains hard, and the roof is your first point of defence against waterproofing problems. It’s vital to protect your home from minor or major water damage by waterproofing all exposed concrete surfaces on your roof. First, check for any cracks or ponding of water and then look for possible access points where water can get in. If parts of your roof are ponding apply a cementitious leveller before applying waterproofing products such as Ardex K220 for cementitious levelling and a waterproofing membrane of Ardex WPM 300 followed by 3 coats of the Decorative External Waterproofing Membrane Ardex WPM 310 which will improve structural integrity and eliminate the threat of water leakage. 

To Waterproof External Walls, Apply Waterproofing to Concrete Surfaces 

Assess the interior of exterior walls and the exterior of your house by checking for mould, damp spots and bubbling paint or render. Where necessary, apply waterproofing products such as Ardex WPM 310 to the exposed concrete surfaces. Not only will this prevent mould and mildew from getting into the wall and growing on it, but it will also improve the structural integrity of the wall. Accompanied with a properly waterproofed roof, you can increase the longevity of your home and increase property value with the protected, waterproof concrete surfaces, effectively reducing maintenance costs over time. 

Contact the Professionals Before It Pours 

Wall and roof waterproof issues with the right products like Ardex WPM 310 for waterproofing concrete and safety equipment, can be done DIY-style but rather leave it up to the professionals, so contact Waterproofing Direct, located in Sydney today. Our local water and damp proofing experts will be able to assess possible damage, advise on repairs and will make sure your home makes it through those raining months with the right product. Visit now! 

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