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Xylene solvent used in conjunction with Tremco polyurethane sealants and membranes.


Tremco Xylol should be used prior to polyurethane sealant/ membrane application, to clean non-porous substrates such as metals and plastics. Tremco Xylol is also a great cleaning agent, and can be used to clean polyurethane base coats that have been left exposed for a prolonged period of time, or have accumulated dust/dirt/debris prior to application of additional coats of Tremco polyurethane membranes. Tremco Xylol can also be used to clean tools and other equipment used during the installation of Tremco polyurethane sealants and/ or membranes.


  • Stock: 20 LT Pail


  • 12 Months when stored as recommended in original, unopened packaging.


  • Store in a dry cool place in an upright position in original unopened packaging.


  • Do not apply to damp or contaminated surfaces.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Not suitable for use with silicone sealants and/or membranes


  • Coverage rate will vary based on specific use type i.e. substrate cleaner, membrane cleaner, tool cleaner.


Tremco Xylol PDS

Tremco Xylol SDS