Sundstrom Gas Filter ABE1 (SR315) | WPD Group

Organic + inorganic + acid gas filter ABE1


Plastic polypropylene. No metal parts.


Used against vapour from organic gases whose boiling point exceeds +65°C (150F), for inorganic gas, and for acid gas and vapour


— Largest diameter: 106 mm
— Thickness: 28 mm


125 g


The filter contains 78 g of activated carbon.

Adsorption capacity

Test gas Conc. (PPM) B'through (min)
Carbon tetrachloride 1,000 95–100
Chlorine 1,000 25–30
Hydrogen sulphide 1,000 60
Hydrogen cyanide 1,000 40
Sulphur dioxide 1,000 40

Pressure drop

— At 30 l/min: 45–50 Pa (standards requrement: <100 Pa)
— At 95 l/min: 200 – 220 Pa (standards requirement: <400 Pa)


Store at room temperature in clean, dry place. If seal has been broken, store away from contaminants in an air-tight container. Shelf life is 5 years if seal is unbroken. Expiry date printed on filter.