Spirit Premium Sealer Aerosol | WPD Group

Premium Grout Sealer is a solvent based penetrating (impregnating) sealer designed specifically for sealing grout joints.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • High resistance to oil and waterborne staining
  • Permits vapour transmission
  • Keeps grout looking like new, and improves cleanability
  • Ideal for kitchen splashbacks, shower recesses and large format porcelain tiles

Where to Use

  • Internal & external porous grout joints.
  • Shower cubicles
  • Kitchen & laundry splashbacks
  • Terracotta garden statues
  • Where NOT to Use it
  • Non porous epoxy or resin based modified grout joints.

Expected Wear

Will last up to 5 years in ideal conditions. Areas that are considered high traffic will need more regular sealing. As an example, a shower cubicle would benefit from annual sealing, outside of the shower will need less regular application.


Coverage will depend on the porosity of the grout joints and the temperature at the time of sealing. Approximate coverage allows for 2 coats and is as follows:

  • Standard grout joints 1.5mm – 3mm – 60-150 linear metres

Available Size: 300gr Aerosol Can


Spirit Premium Sealer Aerosol Datasheet

Spirit Premium Sealer Aerosol SDS