Spirit Efflorescence Off | WPD Group

Efflorescence Off is a heavy duty commercial grade acid cleaner designed to remove stubborn efflorescence.

  • High strength blend of acids (stronger than our Phosphoric Acid Cleaner)
  • Removes heavy grout haze
  • Removes hard water deposits and rust stains
  • Not for use on natural stone unless authorised by a Spirit representative
  • Recommended to do a final rinse with our Spirit Neutral Cleaner after use

Features & Benefits

  • Extra heavy duty acidic cleaner
  • Highly concentrated, dilutable up to 20:1
  • Contains a combination of acids (does NOT contain hydrochloric acid)
  • Breaks down built up efflorescence & other mineral based materials

Where to use

  • Some natural stone surfaces such as Granite & Sandstone
  • Terracotta, Tessellated Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles & grout joints
  • Concrete & Concrete Pavers

Where not to use

  • Acid sensitive stones like travertine, marble or limestone

Available sizes 1ltr, 4ltr, 15ltr Drums


Spirit Efflorescence Off Datasheet

Spirit Efflorescence Off SDS