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SikaSwell® swellable profiles and sealants are an internationally tested and proven range of extremely cost effective hydrophilic joint sealing systems. SikaSwell® swelling profiles are easily bonded to joints and penetrations in concrete with Sika® adhesives, normally with no additional work required to the reinforcement or formwork.

Key Advantages:

  • All types of swelling and sealing technologies in one product range
  • Very cost effective sealing of construction joints
  • Suitable for difficult situations (i.e. environmental conditions or access)
  • Products for almost all water qualities including sea water and water with a high salt content
  • Can provide back-up security for other waterproofing systems
  • Solutions for sealing between different materials and substrates

Typical Applications

  • Basements –SikaSwell® systems provide easy solutions for sealing construction joints, pipe penetrations, isolation joints and many other waterproofing details.
  • Industrial Buildings –The high chemical resistance of SikaSwell® products allows secure watertight jointing solutions in and around industrial buildings and facilities.
  • Refurbishment –The easy application of SikaSwell® systems directly onto existing structures is an important advantage; they are extremely versatile with many uses in refurbishment projects.
  • Water Tanks –SikaSwell® systems keep water safely inside water tanks,sealing construction joints and pipe penetrations in an easy and economic way.
  • Infrastructure –SikaSwell® products are often used as secondary sealants for other waterproofing systems to increase their security.

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SIKA SikaSwell-A 2010 20mm x 10mm x 10m Roll - Red PDS
SIKA SikaSwell-A 2010 20mm x 10mm x 10m Roll - Red SDS