SIKA Sikadur Combiflex SG 2mm x 200mm x 25mtr Roll | WPD Group

High performance joint sealing system for construction, expansion and connection joints as well as for cracks. The system allows irregular and high movement in more than one direction, whilst maintaining a high quality seal.

Function of the System

  • Blocking the path of water penetration
  • Increased length of water penetration
  • Fully bonded to the concrete preventing underflow

Where to use it

  • Crack Sealing
  • Expansion Joints
  • Construction Joints

Typical Applications

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Balconies & Roofs
  • Facade Joints
  • Drinking Water Reservoirs
  • Swimming Pools
  • Refurbishment
  • Pipe Penetrations
  • Ground Water Protection


  • Advanced adhesion, no activation on site required
  • Easy to install n Suitable for both, dry and damp concrete surfaces
  • Extremely flexible
  • Performs well within a wide range of temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion to many materials
  • Weather and water resistant
  • Available with normal and rapid hardening grades of adhesive
  • Good resistance to many chemicals
  • Root resistant
  • Versatile system suitable for many difficult details


Sikadur Combiflex SG-20 PDS

Sikadur Combiflex SG SDS