SIKA Primer 210 | WPD Group

Surface primer and adhesion promoter

  • For use on aluminium, iron, steel, zinc, chrome, copper, zincalume, brass, bronze and fibreglass
  • Prepares substrate surface to maximise sealant and adhesive bond performance
  • Recommended for use where bond line is exposed to significant stress


Sika® Primer 210 is used to improve the adhesion of Sikaflex® adhesives on many metals such as aluminium and galvanized steel, plastics and paint-primed substrates. This primer is also suitable to enhance the adhesion of Sikasil® sealants and adhesives on porous and non-porous substrates.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • One-component
  • Fast drying


250ml Can
1L Can




Sika Primer 210 PDS