SIKA Index Autotene Asfaltico EP 4mm (1m x 10m Roll) | WPD Group

Autotene Asfaltico Polyester EP is an APP modified bituminous membrane, which bonds with the heat of the bitumen paving laid over it. It is reinforced with a single strand non-woven polyester fabric to resist the penetration of the hot asphalt. The underside has a silicone coated-film, which is easily removed during the appliation. The top surface is sand for a secure adhesion of the layers. Thickness: ~4,0 mm.


Waterproofing for bridges and car parks ro be paved with hot bitumen or asphalt.

  • Under concrete asphalt and under mastic asphal;
  • As single layer of road decks up to max 5 % slope;
  • As single layer of car parks up to max 3 % slope.


  • Fully bonded system;
  • Quicker and cheaper due to the self heating;
  • High mechanical properties;
  • High elongation and flexibility.


SIKA Index Autotene Asfaltico PDS