Protecta ZipDoor - Standard | WPD Group

Protecta-Screen ZipDoor

Key Benefits:

  • Create a reseable doorway barrier in no time at all
  • Effectively seals a doorway in less than a minute

ZipDoor Standard includes:

  • 1 x Heavy Duty ZipDoorTM sheet (1219 x 2286mm) (with 2 x Premium Zippers Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Roll of Special Lo-Hi Tack Double-sided Tape for Mounting (18M). To fit doorway openings up to 1150mm (W) x 2200mm (H).

The new ZipDoor kit is the perfect way to create a dust barrier when all you need to seal is the doorway. With its built in double-sided tape feature one person can easily install it in under a minute.