FOSROC Nitoseal MB175 (Plastiseal) | WPD Group

Rubberised bitumen, mastic joint sealant compatible with bitumen based membranes

A flexible, gun applied sealant based on a combination of bitumen and synthetic rubber. Dries to form a rubbery seal with excellent slump resistance. Nitoseal MB175 has good resistance to biodegradation, and is suitable for sealing lap joints in gutters and drainage channels where ponded water may reside. Also suitable for general sealing or pointing work in roofing and flashing applications.


For sealing joints in retaining walls, roofing (sealing horizontal chases, flashings, gutterings and sheet laps), sealing terminations of bitumen based waterproofing membranes


  • Firm, flexible weather resistant seal
  • Excellent slump resistance
  • Suitable for permanent immersion in water
  • Compatible with asphalt or bituminous surfaces
  • Resistant to alkalis and sulphates
  • Easy to apply


Fosroc Nitoseal MB175 PDS

Fosroc Nitoseal MB175 SDS

Forsoc Nitoseal MB175 Spec Clause