Drizoro MAXREST 25Kg | WPD Group

MAXREST  is a one-component structural repair mortar, made of special cements, additives and selected aggregates, which provides a thixotropic product with quick-setting that does not shrink. It firmly adheres to the surface which it is applied on, and restores concrete to its original condition

Application Fields

  • For general repair and restoration work on structural concrete. Repairs honeycombs, cracks and fissures.
  • Patching and protective covering of superficial reinforcing rods affected by corrosion.
  • To repair lintels, rain caps, water tanks and to restore architectural concrete permanently exposed to climatic conditions.
  • Sealing of construction joints prior to waterproofing works in tanks, swimming pools, basements, etc.
  • For restoration of lines and shapes of damaged pre-fabricated concrete elements.


  • Its quick-setting time, from 15 to 20 minutes, allows for an agile repair process.
  • It forms part of the substrate and the repairs are structurally sound, with properties comparable or higher than concrete.
  • Very good thixotropy without slump or the need for using form work.
  • It does not shrink, avoiding risk of cracks when it has set.
  • Odour-free and non-toxic, making it the ideal material to use in badly ventilated places, such as water tanks, shafts, sewers, etc.
  • Does not contain any chloride.
  • Only needs the addition of water for mixing.


Drizoro Maxrest PDS

Drizoro Maxrest SDS