Drizoro Maxseal Foundation | WPD Group

MAXSEAL FOUNDATION is a construction grade cement based product which, together with special additives and selected aggregates gives it waterproofing characteristics, whether the foundations are in concrete or masonry. It gives great protection to foundation concrete due to its high resistance to aggressive waters

Can be rendered over or painted.

Can be rendered over 24 hours after second coat applied – flick or scratch coat must be applied by renderer – After 14 days can be painted over, normal paint procedure on any cement based coatings.


  • Waterproofing of retaining walls, carparks, basements, elevator pits, tanks and dams.


  • Good adherence, it becomes incorporated to the support where it is applied, it fills and seals pores.
  • It can be applied on wet surfaces not needing these to be dried.
  • Lesser cost than any other traditional system.
  • Large duration and superior to any others asphalt product.
  • Unaffected by soil salts. In a positive application.
  • Easy to apply with tampico type brush, obtaining large yields at its application.


Drizoro Maxseal Foundation PDS

Drizoro Maxseal Foundation SDS