HUSQVARNA Vari-Cut S35 Turbo Blade for Table Saws | WPD Group

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  • Optimal Granite, Marble, Natural stone, Porcelain, Cured concrete medium
  • Good Reinforced concrete, Brick, Roof tile
  • Acceptable Ceramic tiles, Iron
  • High-quality finishing of cut Turbo jointed segments combine a high cutting speed with a high-quality finishing of cut, even in the hardest stone and concrete.
  • High speed in hard materials The composition of the blade is designed for high speed in hard materials.
  • High speed in universal construction materials The composition of the blade is designed for high speed in universal construction materials.
  • Ideal for concrete and hard materials Developed for fast cutting in universal construction materials, with a focus on hard materials like granite and hard concrete.
  • Ideal for hard stone, concrete and iron Developed for fast cutting in hard stone, concrete and iron.
  • More comfortable cutting Thanks to segment shape and composition, you get easier and more free cutting blades, which results in minimal vibration levels and a better cutting comfort.
  • Smooth and free-cutting start The design of the segment provides a reduced contact surface in the concrete. This gives a quick start in a controlled manner, when applying a new blade.
  • Specially designed blade With several unique features that combine straight, turbo and/or protection segments, it enables you to cut a wide range of materials whilst maintaining the highest speed and longest lifetime.
  • Good balance between performance and cost This diamond tool has a good performance/price ratio thanks to the high performance output in relation to the tool investment.
  • Easy-fit centre hole Our 'Easy-fit' system allows the expansion of the bore hole from 20.0 to 25.4 mm. This enables you to mount the blade on different types of machines (power cutter, table saw, floor saw). Applies to blade diameters up to 350 mm.
  • Stability All Husqvarna blades are produced according to ISO 9001 quality standard, using the best materials and production methods, guaranteeing a stable and consistent operation of the blade, time after time.
  • Safety All Husqvarna blades are designed and produced according to EN13236 standards. Husqvarna is also a leading member of OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives), guaranteeing the user a safe and trouble-free operation of its products.
  • Stable operation The core is perforated for easy slurry evacuation and cooling, guaranteeing you stable operation of the blade, even in the toughest conditions.