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LF 60 LAT is a lightweight, fast-operating forward plate compactor, designed for efficient compaction of asphalt and soil. It is ideal for repair jobs and maintenance work such as driveways and parking lots. The large water tank features an oversized cap to enable less frequent and faster refills. The machine is easy to clean, leaves no marks on the pavement and uses whatever water is available on-site.

  • Motor/engine model
    4-stroke air-cooled
  • Power output
    2.1 kW
  • Speed
    25 m/min
  • Weight
    67 kg


Hours of efficient work

The efficient, patented low-vibration handle lowers the vibration levels below 2 m/s², allowing you to work for hours without becoming fatigued or exceeding any regulatory threshold limit values.

Easy handling, excellent results

The watering system, that prevents the bottom plate from sticking to the hot asphalt, uses only a minimum of water thanks to the easily adjustable water flow.

More work with less water

The large corrosion-free water tank and smart water distribution system enable you to work longer with less stops for re-filling.

Easy to transport

Equipped with transport wheels for effortless transportation.

Optimized for asphalt
The bottom plate is specially designed for asphalt work, ensuring it will not get stuck on hot asphalt or leave turning marks.

Saving storage space
The handle completely folds to save space, making transport and storage easy.