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Xpress Multi Pro Membrane represents a new level of next generation waterproofing technology for water-based membrane systems, providing fast cure properties that are unique in low temperature and high relative humidity environments. 

Designed for both under the tile and exposed applications subject to UV exposure, Xpress Multi Pro enables installation and operation under full service conditions in a fraction of the time of any other water based liquid membrane system. Xpress Multi Pro overcomes traditional shortfalls of current water borne systems including prolonged drying times, susceptibility to re-emulsification after early water ponding and washout after rain.

  • Rain resistant within hours
  • Handles ponding water in 3 hours
  • Suitable for under tile or exposed applications
  • Class III Membrane to AS4858 and AS4654


  • Roofs as an exposed membrane finish
  • Roofs to be covered over with screeds and toppings
  • Internal wet areas, bathrooms, laundries and tiled areas
  • Balconies, decks, podiums, terrace floors
  • Box gutters
  • Parapets
  • External surfaces exposed to constant weather


  • Concrete, render, cement screed and masonry
  • Fibre cement sheeting, plasterboard and structural sheeting
  • Wet area timber sheeting and external grade plywood
  • Aerated concrete panels and blocks


1 x 15litre pail will cover 10m² @ 1mm DFT (2 coats)
1 x 15litre pail will cover 7.5m² @ 1.3mm DFT (3 coats) 

Dry Times

Touch Dry: 45 minutes
Dry Film: 1 hour
Re-coat: 1-2 hours
Ponding water resistance: 3 hours
Full cure: 24 hours


15 Litre pails


Wet and dry film: light grey


Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane TDS

Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane SDS