Gripset E60 Kit | WPD Group

Water based epoxy primer and protective coating against moisture penetration and rising damp. Can be used directly over damp mineral-based surfaces and newly laid "green" concrete. Provides a compatible surface for applying membrane, adhesive and other decorative finishes directly over. Prevents rising damp and moisture ingress. A non-flammable and odourless primer that is compatible in bonding the surfaces for Gripset membranes and other finishes.


  • Moisture barrier to negative sides of underground wall structures to prevent moisture ingress (basements, lift pits, retaining walls etc)
  • Protective primer over concrete and mineral surfaces containing residual dampness, enabling the application of finished coatings without blistering or delamination
  • Protection against rising damp and efflorescence on wall and floor surfaces to enable direct fixing of vinyl, carpet, tiles, timber, levelling compounds, screeds etc over


  • Concrete, masonry surfaces, renders, screeds.
  • Concrete blocks and aerated concrete.


  • Vapour Block Primer: 1 litre/3m2
  • Moisture Barrier: 2 x coat of 1 litre/3mper coat

Dry Times

  • Recoat: 2-4 hours 
  • Finishes: 24 hours
  • Full Cure: 7 days


  • Wet - Part A & B: Light Grey
  • Dry: Semi-gloss. Matte when aged


  • 4-litre Kit: Part A & Part B in 2litre plastic pails
  • 10-litre Kit - Part A & Part B in 5litre plastic pails
  • 20-litre Kit: Part B 10litre of product in a 20litre pail. Part A in 10litre plastic pail