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Gripset C-Lite is a high performance tile adhesive designed for commercial applications where a wide range of large format tile and stone may be used. White, non-slump and developed with enhanced polymer light weight technology, C-Lite provides outstanding coverage and reduced shrinkage on early age concrete, screeds and renders. Suitable for interior and exterior use on both wall and floor tiling applications.

Gripset C-Lite provides extended open time and meets C2S2TE classifications. Also suitable for use over a range of Gripset waterproofing membranes systems.


  • Direct tiling over Gripset under tile waterproof membranes and systems
  • Wall and floor tiling
  • Internal and external areas
  • Immersed applications when used with Gripset 11Y
  • For bonding all types of tiles including porcelain, vitrified, mosaic, marble, natural stone
  • Over early age concrete, screeds and renders


  • Concrete
  • Masonry renders
  • Screeds
  • Plasterboard linings
  • Fibre cement surfaces
  • Gripset membrane systems

Dry Times

Open time: 30 minutes
Adjustment time: 30 minutes
Grouting time: 24 hours
Ready for use: 24 hours
Pot life: 2 hours
Ready for wet area service: 3-4 days


6-7m² on floors using a 10mm notch trowel


15kg Bags


Gripset C-Lite TDS

Gripset C-Lite. SDS