Gripset C-Level | WPD Group

Gripset C-Level is a high performance, a rapid setting cementitious self-leveling compound designed for internal use over a variety of uneven substrates. With its superior compressive strength, Gripset C-Level is compatible to be used under tile, stone, timber, carpet, vinyl and Gripset’s full range of waterproofing products. Gripset C-Level can be applied from 2mm-20mm in a single application and is durable enough to be used exposed in light traffic areas. 

  • Commercial grade self leveler
  • 2-20mm applications
  • Superior compressible strength over 50MPa


  • Time-saving -Fast setting and ready for direct use.
  • Conveniently pre-bagged – highly portable for mixing on sites in bulk mixing equipment.
  • Does not require additives or admixtures
  • Use over Underfloor heating
  • Provides high strength at low builds  


Substrates suitable for application of Gripset C-Level include: 

  • Concrete
  • Screed
  • Cement Sheet 
  • Heated Slabs
  • Concrete blocks 

Dry Times

Light foot traffic: 3 hours 
Tiling/toppings over: 18-72 hours


Approx. 2.4m² at 5mm thick. 


20kg bags


Grey Powder


Gripset C-Level TDS

Gripset C-Level SDS