Gripset BRW - Triangle Fillet 5m x 12mm x 12mm (Box of 4) | WPD Group

Gripset BRW Waterproof Fillet is a preformed butyl rubber profile designed for use at wall/floor junctions as an integral part of the Gripset BRW Sheet waterproofing system. As a preformed triangular profile, the BRW Waterproof Fillet not only functions as the system bond breaker but also ensures the critical wall/floor junction has additional reinforced waterproof protection using butyl rubber technology, ensuring compatibility with the BRW Sheet membranes

  • Wall/floor junctions and wall/wall junctions
  • Underground retaining walls, planters, garden beds
  • Bond breaker for BRW Sheet membrane system


Rolls 5mx12mmx12mm


Gripset BRW - Triangle Fillet TDS

Gripset BRW - Triangle Fillet- SDS