Gripset BRW - Sealing Strip 20m x 15mm x 1mm (Box 12) | WPD Group

Gripset BRW Sealing Strip is a double sided preformed butyl rubber strip with high tack adhesion and sealing properties for applications where water tight and air tight seals are to be formed. As part of the BRW Waterproofing System, the BRW Sealing Strip is designed to adhere and seal protection boards to the BRW-HD sheet membrane. In addition to the adhesion and sealing of protection boards, the BRW Sealing Strip can be used to seal/adhere drainage cells, plastic coverings, damp course films over the HDPE plastic facing of the BRW-HD membrane


  • Adhering protection boards/core flute to BRW-HD Sheet
  • Sealing and adhering protection boards overlaps and edges
  • Underground retaining walls, planters, garden beds to seal drainage cells against the BRW-HD Sheet
  • Adhering/sealing dampcourse films onto the BRW-HD Sheet




Rolls 20M x 15mm x 1mm