FOSROC Nitomortar AP Kit | WPD Group

Multi purpose, epoxy adhesive repair paste, also used as an adhesive for Nitofill LV, and Expoband 110 bandage systems.

For speedy and permanent patching repairs to concrete structures; bonding of precast concrete components and repair work to cementitious substrates where strength, impermeability to water, and resistance to aggressive chemicals is essential; emergency repairs to concrete structures and industrial floors in chemical handling and process areas. 

The products’ chemical resistance and thixotropic nature make it an ideal material for embedding Expoband into sewerage, potable water tanks and high movement joint applications. The thixotropic nature of Nitomortar AP makes the product ideal for setting starter bars, dowels, holding down bolts and anchoring in general. Nitomortar AP is also used as an adhesive for Nitofill LV crack injection system.


  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and impact
  • Unaffected by a wide range of acids, alkalis and industrial chemicals
  • Two pack colour coding gives visual check on correct mixing
  • Potable water approved to AS4020.2005
  • Pre-weighed quality controlled materials ensure consistency and reduce risk of site errors
  • Can be used on saturated surface dry (SSD) concrete
  • Excellent slump resistance up to 15 mm


FORSOC Nitomortar AP PDS

FORSOC Nitomortar AP Base SDS

FORSOC Nitomortar AP Hardener SDS