FOSROC Renderoc HB40 Plus | WPD Group

High build, high resistivity, shrinkage compensated repair mortar conforming to EN1504-3 Class R3


For the reinstatement of concrete where low permeability, high compressive strength and high resistivity characteristics are key requirements.

The lighter weight nature and high build characteristics Renderoc HB40 Plus makes it ideal for vertical and overhead concrete repair work.

Renderoc HB40 Plus achieves 50 MPa @ 28 days. If higher compressive strength is required Renderoc HB70 Plus should be considered.

Renderoc HB40 Plus is not suitable for repairs where Galvashield anodes are being used - Renderoc HB40 should be considered.


  • Compatible with concrete strength in the range 25 to 50 MPa
  • High strength - suitable for structural repairs
  • Abrasion resistant - suitable for aggressive environments
  • Shrinkage compensated - provides long term dimensional stability
  • Low permeability to potentially damaging water, CO2 and chloride ions
  • High build formulation - fewer applications of product
  • High resistivity - provides increased durability
  • Excellent bond to SSD concrete substrates – no separate primer required in most circumstances - refer to Substrate Priming section
  • Can be applied using wet-spray process - providing faster high build repairs
  • Pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations - only the site addition of clean water required
  • Sustainable product with lower carbon foot print - formulation based on supplementary cementitious materials
  • Complies to EN 1504-3 Class R3


FOSROC Renderoc HB40 Plus PDS

FOSROC Renderoc HB40 Plus SDS

FOSROC Renderoc HB40 Plus Spec Clause