FOSROC Renderoc HB40 | WPD Group

Shrinkage compensated repair mortar suitable for use with embedded galvanic anodes


For the reinstatement of large areas of reinforced concrete where low permeability and low shrinkage characteristics are required and where higher compressive strength is an important consideration.

Renderoc HB40 has been engineered for the repair of columns and beams. Its relatively low fresh wet density makes it also suitable for soffits and other overhead repair work. The mortar can also be used for small, localised patch repairs.

Where compatibility with lower strength concrete is required, but low permeability and high-build characteristics are important, Renderoc HB25 should be used. For higher strengths Renderoc HB70 should be used.

Renderoc HB40 is suitable for use with Galvashield XP incipient anode protection and Cathodic Protection system. Contact Parchem for further details.


  • Compatible with concrete strength in the range 30 to 45MPa
  • Abrasion resistant - suitable for aggressive environments
  • Shrinkage compensated - provides long term dimensional stability
  • Low permeability to potentially damaging water, CO2 and chloride ions
  • Suitable for use with Galvashield anodes
  • Can be applied using wet-spray process - providing faster high build repairs
  • Pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations - only the site addition of clean water required
  • Complies to AS/NZS4020:2005 - suitable for use in potable water


Fosroc Renderoc HB40 PDS

Fosroc Renderoc HB40 SDS

Fosroc Renderoc HB40 Spec Clause