BOSTIK Flowfill Panel Grout | WPD Group

General purpose non-shrink (Class A) cementitious grout with enhanced working life, ideal for pre-cast and tilt-panel work.


  • Pre-hardening volume-adjusting. Controlled gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement before hardening occurs
  • Ready to use, pre mixed, requires only the addition of water
  • Enhanced working life
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining
  • Lower water/cement ratio reduces drying shrinkage, increases durability and reduces permeability
  • Can be mixed for stiff, plastic, flowable or fluid application 

Where to Use

  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Column Based
  • Core Holes
  • Rod Holes
  • Defects in Concrete
  • Hollow Block Walls
  • Tilt Slab Panels


  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Rubber
  • Plastic


Bostik Flowfill Panel Grout PDS

Bostik Flowfill Panel Grout SDS

Bostik Flowfill Panel Grout VOC