Enduroflex Power Drain V Dropper - 50mm Dia L60 | WPD Group

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The Enduroflex Power Drain V range consists of drains with PE pipe specifically designed for the vertical drainage of rainwater from flat roofs.

The patented expansion system provides a watertight fastening of a 4 mm-thick bitumen slab (APP) with composite reinforcement to a 600 mm Geberit PE pipe. This results in fast, efficient and reliable flow.

Thanks to the membrane, the drain can be perfectly fused with bitumen sheeting without interrupting the roof structure. The sanded top layer makes moisture visible, which can be resolved when overlaying with the top layer. The MMP underside allows for flame torching or cold welding of the drain.

There is no condensation in the Geberit PE pipe that runs through the roof structure during rainwater drainage. The drain can be connected to the rainwater drainage system by means of standard sleeves or through PE welding.

Length 60mm