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Duram Primeseal MC (‘Moisture Cure’) is a water based, epoxy waterproof membrane. Duram Primeseal MC is a high performance, versatile, two-part, water based, hydrostatic pressure resistant, waterproofing barrier membrane coating suitable for most types of porous and semi-porous surfaces including green (newly laid) hardened concrete and damp surfaces.

Primeseal MC cures to form a strong, waterproof, hydrostatic pressure resistant and water vapour pressure barrier and is formulated for application on to damp, newly laid concrete and most other construction surfaces. Primeseal MC can withstand up to 25 metre head of water pressure.

Primeseal MC’s versatility makes it also ideal as a primer for waterproofing membranes, paints, industrial coatings and as a bridging coating for normally incompatible coatings. Primeseal MC’s standard colour is light grey but is also available in off-white and black (minimum quantities apply). Primeseal MC has very low VOCs and meets the ‘Green Star’ enviromental criteria.


Duram PRIMESEAL MC is formulated for demanding waterproofing, sealing and priming applications including:

  • Waterproofs and seals damp and green (newly laid) hardened concrete.
  • Waterproofs negative (inside) surfaces.
  • Waterproofs positive (outside) surfaces.
  • Waterproofs above and below grade surfaces.
  • Low water vapour pressure barrier. (Prevents or minimises bubbling of membranes due to vapour emmisions from the substrate).
  • Waterproofs basements, retaining walls, lift wells, cellars etc.
  • Waterproofs tanks and water retaining structures, i.e. concrete or cementitious structures.
  • Excellent primer for subsequent Duram membranes, paints and industrial coatings.
  • Seals and primes timber floors prior to applying waterproofing membranes and other coatings.
  • Seals concrete floors before laying timber floors.

Suitable Surfaces

Duram Primeseal MC is suitable for most construction surfaces including:

  • Concrete , green (newly laid) hardened concrete, cement, cement render, brick, block work, masonry, Hebel, timber, FC sheeting, CFC sheeting, plasterboard and painted or coated surfaces.
  • Damp surfaces – but freedom from standing, running, seeping water, saturated substrates and continual dampness is essential


Duram Primeseal MC PDS

Duram Primeseal MC SDS - Part A

Duram Primeseal MC SDS - Part B