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Durabit Reo a water based, polymer emulsion waterproofing membrane which incorporates micro fibres thereby internally reinforcing the product. Durabit Reo is a modified Durabit EF membrane with the addition of the micro reinforcing fibres. It meets the criteria of:
– AS4858:2004 Wet Area Membranes
– AS4654.2 Exterior for non UV exposed applications the ‘Green Star’ environmental criteria.

Durabit Reo is an elastomeric, environmentally friendly membrane designed for both internal and (non-exposed) external application. It cures to form a durable, odourless, impervious, seamless membrane that resists re-emulsifying after it has fully even if immersed in water. Durabit Reo, available in Grey and Blue, other colours available but minimum quantities apply, does not stain grout or tiles and has excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure. Being internally reinforced, the need for external reinforcing is eliminated thereby making it easier and quicker to use.

Durabit Reo has been formulated for most waterproofing applications requiring long term waterproofing and meets the criteria of AS4858:2004 Wet Area Membranes and Contact With Drinking Water Test AS/NZS4020:2002 as well as AS4654.2 Exterior, nonexposed waterproofing applications making it ideal for:

  • Shower recesses & wet areas.
  • Tiled or topped – decks, terraces, balconies, podiums, roofs, windows and door flashings.
  • Retaining walls, planter boxes.
  • Water tanks and immersed conditions.

The product exhibits excellent chemical resistance and has been formulated to inhibit biological growth.

Suitable Surfaces

Durabit Reo is suitable for suitably primed: Concrete, cement, cement render, block work, brick, masonry, FC sheeting and CFC sheeting, plaster board and timber, plywood and particle board (if primed which Duram Primeseal) and metal (if primed with a metal primer). Note: Particle Board is not regarded as a suitable substrate for very wet areas and particularly shower recesses and should be replaced with CFC sheeting. As a minimum, Particle Board should be sealed with one to two coats of Duram Primeseal. All joins and corners must be sealed with a polyurethane sealant and a reinforced fabric used in conjunction with the membrane.

Durabit Reo may be applied to slightly damp surfaces but the product will not fully cure as the surface remains damp. This process takes longer than if the surface was allowed to dry before application.


Duram Durabit Reo PDS

Duram Durabit Reo SDS