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Crystoflex Powder is the powder part of the two parts that make up Crystoflex. Crystoflex Powder is not a complete product and cannot be used on its own and should only used in conjunction with Crystoflex Liquid. Here follows information on Crystoflex, which is available under its own data sheet. Crystoflex is two part waterproofing membrane comprising of a liquid component of selected polymers and a powder component of selected cements, fillers and aggregates. When mixed together to form a brushable or rollable slurry, it provides a strong, hydrostatic pressure resistant, flexible waterproofing membrane. Crystoflex was formulated for immersed or ponding situations such as the waterproofing of water tanks and water features but is just as suitable for non-immersed applications such as roofs or under0tile waterproofing.

Crystoflex complies with AS/NZS 4020:2002 Testing of Products For Use In Contact With Drinking Water – Australian Water Quality Centre Report Number 4007/92.1595.


Crystoflex is suitable for many waterproofing applications, but is particularly useful for areas requiring hydrostatic pressure resistance and immersed applications including:

  • Water retaining structures such as concrete tanks, ponds, pools, fountains and water features.
  • Crystoflex is suitable for contact with drinking water.
  • Retaining walls, planter boxes.
  • Roofs (top coated with Azcoflex TR or Azcothane as recommended).
  • Under tile waterproofing on balconies, terraces, podiums and decks.


Duram Crystoflex PDS

Duram Crystoflex SDS