Duram Bituflex | WPD Group

Duram Bituflex is a water-based ‘rubberised’ latex / bituminous waterproofing compound incorporating elastomers and reinforcing agents. It is formulated to a brushable consistency, but with sufficient body to provide a high build waterproofing membrane. Bituflex is user friendly and non-hazardous. Although black in colour it will not stain grout or tiles and it will not re-emulsify after fully curing. Duram Bituflex is designed as a highly economical general purpose waterproofing membrane.


Bituflex is designed as an economical waterproofing short to medium term solution for many non-exposed applications, i.e covered, tiled or topped including: non-timer wet areas, retaining walls. decks, patios, balconies and terraces etc.

Suitable Surfaces

Bituflex is suitable on most commonly used construction substrates including: Concrete cement, cement render FC sheeting and compressed sheeting, plaster board, block work and brick. Bituflex can be applied to damp surfaces but freedom from surface water and continual dampness is essential. The product will not cure if surface remains damp. The drying process takes longer if applied to a damp surface than having allowed the surface to dry before applying the product.


Duram Bituflex PDS

Duram Bituflex SDS