Drainage Wall Panels: 30mm x 500mm | WPD Group

Nero Panels and Logs are made up of high strength 30/50mm Nero Drainage Cells wrapped in needle punched non woven Geotextile filter fabric.

High compressive strength and high flow rate through the Drainage Cells provides effective drainage and protection of the waterproof membrane for foundation walls and other underground structures.

The integrated non-woven geotextile covering the Drainage Cells stops ingress of soil particles and prevent blocking of the drainage sheet, creating an effective void for reliable ventilation and allows inflow and transport of water from surrounding soil.

Panels also provides additional cushioning and protection for the waterproofing, eliminating the use of Protection Boards.

The Nero Panel system replaces the traditional drainage aggregate, saving time and cost. The lightweight, pre-clipped wrapped panels are quick and easy to install, without the need of any heavy machinery. In most cases excavated material is suitable for backfilling, provided it is permeable and non cohesive.


  • High 95% void ration, creates effective void for drainage
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Anti Clogging
  • Lightweight and easy to handle pre-wrapped panels
  • No heave machinery needed for installation


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